Puj Baba

Puj Shahenshah Baba Nebhraj Sahib

From times immemorial, the soil of our sacred, sweet and sun-lit Sind has been sanctified by men of light and learning, saints and sages, fakirs anddervishes, poets and prophets, and scholars and singers. The sacred river Sindhu, on the banks of which, the rishis of yore devoted their time to compose the Vedas, and chanting mantras, flows through Sind. Its waters, as they flow placidly and smoothly, murmur the message of the ages, the message of the sages, the messageof Shanti-Shakti, peace and strength. No wonder, the Hindus and Muslims in the province of Sind were united in a bond of brotherhood. They mixed and mingled freely and lived like true neighbours. They beheld the One Light shining in all. “God is One! Ishwar and Allah are but different names of the Multi-named One!” they declared. They sought the blessings of one another and gave love to one and all, irrespective of caste and creed, race and religion.

During the last four centuries, Shah Latif and Sa’ami, Sachal and Rohal, Beydil and Bekas, SainParu Shah and Vasan Shah, Bhagat Kanwarram and Bachal Shah, Rishi Dayaram and Sadhu Vaswani, Swami Lila Shah and Shahenshah Baba Nebhraj took birth in our immortal Sindhu Desa. Like all holy beings, Shahenshah Baba Nebhraj has served as a source of help and healing, inspiration and guidance to those treading the spiritual path and longing to become one with the One. He has been a light to those stumbling and struggling along the steep, stony, rough, rugged and darkened path of life. He has extended his support to those wading through  the sea of despair, drawing them out of its depths and leading them safe to the shore. He has served as a staff to those groping in the wilderness of this world, providing comfort and consolation to them. His devotees, scattered far and wide, have rightly called him ‘Shahenshah’ i.e. ‘Emperor’. Shahenshah Baba Nebhraj was, indeed, more than an emperor. For while the coffers of a worldly emperor are likely to be exhausted, the spiritual treasure that Shahenshah Baba Nebhraj gathered, far from being emptied, keeps multiplying with the passage of time.

Shahenshah Baba Nebhraj lived truly like a typical Sufi saint of Sind. Poor in the wealth of the world, he was rich in spiritual treasure. He moved about clad in a single long, flowing robe, carefree and fearless, absorbed in the thoughts of the King of kings, with a far-away gaze in his eyes. He had a stately bearing and moved nonchalantly, caring the least for things temporal. Rich and royal is the heritage of each human being but not many become aware of it. They live and move as beggars, knocking from door to door, begging from street to street and crying from one corner to another. Shahenshah Baba Nebhraj had come to this world to wake men from their slumber of the senses, to extricate them out of their dens and dungeons of ignorance and ambition, selfishness and restlessness and to lead them to the Abode of God, where dwells bliss untold.